I went out for dinner with a couple of girlfriends last week and we always try a new burger restaurant. PATTY + BUN had been on my list for ages so we decided to try the new (ish) one on Old Compton St, Soho.

WE ATE – ‘Ari Gold’ Burger + Chicken Salt Fries

WE DRANK – The Stockpot Sour – Gin, Amaretto, Amaro Nonimo + Honey

You don’t get plates so things can get a little messy…

I LOVED the music in Patty + Bun, they played a mixture of hip hop, reggae, r ‘n’ b and house. I haven’t stopped listening to their playlist which you can listen to here.

I also wanted to take the girls to one of my FAVOURITE gelato places so after stuffing our faces we headed over the road to VICO It’s an Italian restaurant but you can just go for the AWARD WINNING gelato (like I have every time).

They have the BEST flavours.

Normally I go for snickers but they didn’t have it waaa so I had coconut, chocolate with hazelnuts + bitter chocolate. I couldn’t finish it…but when it’s 2 scoops for £4 and 3 for £5 why would you go for 2!?



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