As promised I said I would post about all the things I bought whilst in Bali. I had read beforehand that it was good for shopping and it DID NOT disappoint.



  1. THE ABSOLUTE DREAM…POM POM SANDALS. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pom pom sandals for probably about 3 years now, the ones on Net a Porter are quite pricey and I found these in a gorgeous boutique tucked away in Seminyak for £25! KERRRCHING.
  2. RAINBOW shades. I found these at a market for £5 and they are ‘CHANEL’…such a steal haha. I already have a couple of pairs of rainbow mirrored sunglasses but you can never have enough pairs right?
  3. TEEKI YOGA PANTS. The most beautiful printed yoga pants I have ever set my eyes on! I could have bought every pair in the shop but I settled for trusty LEOPARD PRINT and then a bottle green + pink printed pair. If you haven’t heard of Teeki before I must tell you that all their products are made from recycled plastic water bottles! How AMAZING is that!? They look good and are eco friendly so they were definitely coming home with me.
  4. FLAMINGO PURSE. The shop I found this in was basically me in shop form. If I could have transported the whole shop home I would have. It’s called ROSE AVENUE and they have beautiful homeware, pineapple cutlery, pom pom blankets, pom pom cushions, coconut candles…I’d go back to Bali just to buy some more things from here.
  5. POM POM BRACELETS. A pom pom on a bracelet…come to me! My boyfriend actually picked these out for me at the market in Ubud as one of my birthday presents, it was quite unlikely that I wasn’t going to like them wasn’t it?


  1. PINK HIMALAYAN SALT. I only use this when I cook now and had run out and wanted an excuse to buy a few things in the EARTH CAFE supermarket. You can get this in most shops now and it’s a million times better for you than all the chemical ridden rubbish that you find these days.
  2. ROSELLA FLOWERS TEA. I’m a littttttle obsessed with tea and this looked delicious and it’s full of ANTIOXIDANTS. Yay!


  1. HELLO HAPPY SKIN – Face + Body Smoothie. The ingredients completely sold me on this…it’s an Australian brand and they make all their products with RAW ingredients. The scrub is loaded with powerful ingredients such as matcha green tea, carrots, ginger, honey, chamomile, avocado, rosemary, peppermint + coconut oil.
  2. BAMBOO CHARCOAL SOAP. After my charcoal facial, I became quite curious about what benefits it has and how else I can use it. When used in the bath it releases minerals into the water such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which is great for circulation throughout your body. It’s also highly absorbent and helps to draw out dirt and toxins from your pores!






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