LOTTIE MURPHY is a Pilates Instructor, YouTuber, Health Nut, Wellness Lover + Blogger. I have been following Lottie’s blog, YouTube channel + social media accounts for almost a year now and have felt so much more motivated + inspired on my continuous journey to health, fitness + wellbeing ever since!

I spent one Saturday reading Lottie’s, blog, watching her YouTube videos + found that I could really relate to her. Lottie is all about BALANCE and reiterates that through her posts regularly. I now do her Pilates YouTube videos 2-3 times a week plus I also attend her new class at LORNA JANE – COVENT GARDEN.

I recently asked Lottie if she would be interested in doing an interview for LOCOFORTHECOCO and to my absolute delight she was! Yipeeeee.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 5 BEAUTY PRODUCTS? Frank Body Scrub, Neals Yard Beauty Balm, Origins Overnight Hydration Mask, Kiehl’s Ultra- Light Daily UV Defence SPF50 + Benefit Hoola Bronzer. 

WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR STAYING POSITIVE + MOTIVATED? Surround yourself with good energy whether thats my doing what you love, spending time with people you love, eating food you love or moving your body in way you love. I believe in one positive thought in the morning can really make a difference to your whole day. 

HAVE YOU BEEN READING ANY BOOKS RECENTLY THAT YOU COULD RECOMMEND?I’ve just got back from Ibiza and I read three books in a week so you’ve asked me at a good time. I read Me Before You, The Marble Collector and a really interesting non fiction book called The Adventurers of Human Being. All really different books. Me Before You is one that will make your heart feel so much, The Marble Collector is a lovely story and The Adventures of Human Being is written by a doctor talking about his experiences throughout his years working with the human body. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I’m currently reading Hero by Rhonda Byrne who wrote The Secret which was one of the first self help books I ever read at the age of 16 and it changed my life. 

WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS DO BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE IN THE MORNING? I always have a healthy breakfast, it’s one of my favourite times of the day when I feel really peaceful and can mindfully enjoy my eggs on homemade bread, porridge or smoothie. 

HOW DO YOU STAY ORGANISED? Everyone always says I’m one of the most organised people they know but I don’t feel organised most the time. I have A LOT of lists and notebooks. One of the best tips I was given was to do the most daunting thing on your to do list first. 

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SMOOTHIE RECIPE? My go to recipe is frozen berries, banana, avocado, spinach, chia seeds, vegan vanilla protein powder and almond milk. But I LOVE a banana cacao peanut smoothie as a treat! I sometimes swap the cacao for matcha which is amazing too! 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE HEALTH CAFES/RESTAURANTS IN LONDON? I love 26 grains and The Detox Kitchen for breakfast and lunch and I also love NOPI for dinner. Timber Yard is my favourite place for a matcha latte and catch up with a bestie. 

WHAT’S THAT ONE THING THAT YOU LOVE TO INDULGE IN? A warm chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine. Perfect! 

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU IN THE COMING YEAR? ANY EXCITING PROJECTS YOU CAN SHARE WITH US? I’m working on lots of exciting projects at the moment and have a few trips in the pipeline. I love travelling. I’m teaching on a retreat in Ibiza with Our Retreat in November and I would love to set up some of my own retreats for next year with two of my best friends. My ultimate goal is to spend a lot of time with my best friends in beautiful places making people happy with Pilates, good food and laughter! 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PILATES? The benefits of Pilates are endless but most people need to become more body aware, more relaxed, have stronger cores, more mobile spines and active glutes. Pilates is amazing for all of those things. You will start to notice a difference in all other things you do in your life when you consistently do Pilates and you can do it for life!


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