I was surprised with a spontaneous road trip to AMSTERDAM this weekend + it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was in need of spending the weekend in a different city, exploring + spending quality time with my favourite person. We boarded my little Citroen C3 onto the ferry + drove all the way through France, Belgium + then finally The Netherlands. It actually didn’t take that long to drive (about 6 hours all in all).



We stayed at the Westcord City Hotel which was in the PERFECT location as it’s right in the centre. We had both been there before so we weren’t too bothered about sightseeing but mainly spent the time walking along the canal, dodging cyclists + trams, eating pancakes + waffles (I most definitely DID NOT have two NUTELLA waffles in one day), dreaming of owning an apartment on the canal, people watching, sitting in coffee shops + watching the world go by. A DREAMY WEEKEND.


On the Sunday evening we discovered a cute ITALIAN restaurant which was down one of the side streets close to the centre. It’s called LA PERLA + I would highly recommend it if you are ever in Amsterdam + find yourself craving PIZZA or a gigantic APEROL SPRITZ.


My BREAKFAST recommendation would have to be…VINNIES. It was sooo good. The best coffee, overnights oats soaked in coconut milk with fresh fruit, sourdough toast + homemade jam, fresh pastries, shakshuka + ‘healthy’ fry ups with fresh vine tomatoes + homemade chutney. Oh and NOT forgetting their Almond + Walnut brownie with…SALTED CARAMEL.



I literally only had about an hour to pack so threw together what I could find + that I (HOPED) would look good. THE DAM can be quite chilly so my ZARA BOMBER was a must have for the weekend. I teamed it with a black body, my H&M ripped jeans + fringe sandals…I have been waiting to get a photo of me wearing this as I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH + in the first shot we got it! My boyfriends photography skills have definitely come a long way and he is finally starting to get the hang of having a ‘BLOGGER’ girlfriend.


If anyone is thinking of going to AMSTERDAM for the weekend….DO IT. You won’t regret it.




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