I was in much need of GIRL TIME this weekend. On Friday evening me + the girls headed to Bewl Water to watch DIRTY DANCING at the outdoor cinema as an early birthday celebration for my best friend Kelly. Prosecco, picnic, blankets + garden chairs in tow, we set up right near the front with a beautiful view over the reservoir. After five minutes with these two all the stresses of the week had disappeared + were forgotten about.


I forgot how much I LOVE Dirty Dancing. It’s such a feel good movie + who doesn’t love a bit of ROMANCE + Patrick Swayze!? We really picked up on the fashion in the film, everyone was dressed in bardot tops, stretchy high waisted jeans + bodysuits tucked into denim shorts which is what has been EVERYWHERE on the high street (and my wardrobe) this Summer.


I’m also in desperate need of the soundtrack for my car! I couldn’t stop chair dancing, the music was just too fun. Can someone please make time travel happen so I can go back to this era!? Kels don’t forget we pinky promised that we’d take dancing lessons next year!


If you’re feeling rubbish there is literally NOTHING better than spending time with your girls. It instantly uplifts you + reminds you that things could always be worse…

Thanks to my favourite MINXCATS Kels + Ames for the BEST Friday I have had in a long time.




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