BLACK + YELLOW is a colour combination that I cannot get enough of at the moment. My ZARA Leather Jacket goes with pretty much anything but knew that teaming it with my new Religion dress would work SO well! I’m a huge fan of the brand RELIGION + in particular I absolutely love their backless vests + dresses.


If there’s one thing I like to show off when I am going out I normally always opt for something backless. I just prefer it to showing off my legs or chest + feel much more comfortable in a pair of jeans with a backless top. If your someone who feels they can’t go out without a bra on + want to wear something backless, a great look which I LOVE, is to wear your vests with a lacy triangle bra.

TOPSHOP have a great selection of all different colours + I think they look WAY sexier than a big, padded plunge bra. I used to hate having small boobs + was obsessed with gel bras + always trying to make them look bigger. I learnt to love the fact I can get away without wearing a bra + wouldn’t have it any other way!




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