Aaa I just LOVE October, I think it actually might be my favourite month!? Aside from my birthday month of course…


I’ve been SO rubbish recently with blogging + haven’t been feeling totally myself so have been focusing on getting back to normal the past couple of weeks. However I have some great ideas for posts in the coming months + am shooting some exciting new content with SUSHI & COCKTAILS next weekend eeeee. GIRLS DAY OUT. We are finally going to the most instagrammable café in London, any guesses as to where we are headed?

In this post I wanted to share with you all my favourite things to do in OCTOBER which will hopefully give you some inspiration of what to fill your weekends with in the next few weeks!



  • Treat yourself to a CANDLE. Who doesn’t love candles!? I don’t think I could ever get bored of candles…EVER. I’ve been so excited to buy my favourite Halloween candles from YANKEE CANDLE this year. I LOVE the names..Witches Brew, Candy Corn + Forbidden Apple.


  • Make Mulled Apple Cider
  • Get out + go exploring in the woods + enjoy the FRESH AIR
  • Paint your nails an Autumnal colour, I’m thinking wine red, black, khaki, gold…
  • Bake a Pumpkin Pie! I am British but sometimes feel like I should have been American
  • Watch Halloween Films – Hocus Pocus, Halloween, The Craft, The Witches of Eastwick, Scream. I am awaiting my Amazon order in prep for the weekend of 29th.
  • Host a pumpkin carving party yipeeee
  • Plan your Halloween costume. Pinterest is great for inspiration, I have ordered some chunky GREEN GLITTER from Dust + Dance which I can’t wait to use!


  • Turn off your phone one evening + curl up with a good book + a cup of tea
  • Decorate your house for Halloween! So far I have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN banner, a spider bowl, pumpkin fairy lights, ghost straws + Halloween candles.
  • Throw a HALLOWEEN TEA PARTY! One of my fondest memories of my childhood were the Halloween tea parties that my mum would do for my brother and I + now I have my own house I can finally have my own YAY. I am sure my boyfriend is going to be delighted when he comes home to a Halloween buffet haha. I’m thinking I may do a full post on how to throw a Halloween tea party…what are your thoughts!?


  • Book a trip to a haunted forest, screamland or fright night!
  • Buy a fire pit so you can host a marshmallow party and make S’MORES.
  • Throw it back to the nineties and binge watch SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. I am not ashamed to admit that I have season’s 1-4 on DVD.
  • Buy ALL the LUSH Halloween range.


Check out my Halloween Pinterest board for tons more ideas! Click here.



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