HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN. I hope you have all had a fun halloween weekend! Mine has been full of pumpkins, glitter, spiders, tricks + treats. It’s not over yet though as tonight is the REAL halloween. The past few months I’ve collected various halloween related items to add to my ever growing collection. I wanted to share my halloween tea party tips but it seems that the supermarket is against me this year + is out of stock of EVERYTHING I need. FANGTASTIC.


HALLOWEEN HOMEWARE. I picked up all sorts of goodies this year…pumpkin fairy lights, a happy halloween banner, trick or treat socks, skull straws, glitter spiders, spooky cookie cutters. The best places to stock up are Tiger, The Range, Wilko, Ebay + Home Sense.


HALLOWEEN FASHION. – I ordered the ‘Wicked Witch’ green glitter from Dust & Dance and cannot tell you how much I loved it + how easy it is to use! It looked AMAZING. Dust & Dance have been so lovely as to give you all a halloween treat and offer 15% off all orders over £10. It’s a great time to stock up on glitter for Bonfire Night, Christmas + New Year. Glitter ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Just enter the code LOCOFORTHECOCO15 at the checkout. My LACE headpiece is from Topshop + was part of their halloween range this year. Unfortunately it’s sold out online but definitely try in store!


HALLOWEEN FILM FEST. – My ultimate halloween watches would be…Hocus Pocus, The Witches of Eastwick, Practical Magic, Sabrina the Teenage Witch + The Craft. I used to be really into witchcraft + would spend every Saturday in the ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’ section of Waterstones haha. This led me to watching The Craft almost every single night + chanting ‘Earth, Air, Fire, Water’ whilst smoking incense sticks.


PUMPKIN CARVING. – Halloween is not halloween without carving a pumpkin. We had so much fun carving our pumpkins + it was the first time my boyfriend has EVER carved a pumpkin in his life…I mean, have you ever!? In true LOCOFORTHECOCO style I opted for a more tropical pumpkin + created this!


TRICK OR TREAT. – This is something I was probably a bit overexcited about. I am actually not joking when I say this…it’s the first year I have actually not been the trick or treater + I am now just so grown up I have my own bowl of sweets to give out to all the kids yipeeee. I got it ready on Friday evening, you know…just in case.


I hope you’ve found my halloweenspiration fun + that it’ll give you some ideas to use! Don’t forget to use my Dust & Dance discount code. It’s been created especially for YOU.




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