I visited Reykjavik, Iceland recently and wanted to write a blog post about what I got up to. Instagram has definitely played a huge part of me wanting to visit this city (mainly due to dreamy images of the blue lagoon). We were really unlucky with the weather as it was cloudy and pouring with rain the majority of the time which then lead to our trip to see the Northern Lights getting cancelled…TWICE. I knew this could be likely but it’s still rubbish all the same.


This blog post will share my top tips for visiting REYKJAVIK alongside places to eat, things to do etc. My first tip is to SAVE SAVE SAVE. Iceland is really expensive (more so than I thought) so definitely save as much as possible to ensure you have the best time. For example a croissant was about £6, a beer £9, tomato soup £14 and a baguette was £18 in one place! My second tip is to PLAN. I got a bit overexcited when booking and didn’t really factor in a lot of the costs, booking things in advance etc. so I was gutted we didn’t get to do The Golden Circle tour.


We stayed at the Reykjavik City Hostel which was about 10 minute bus journey from the centre…unless you rent a car most people will ride the bus. It was really easy and accessible to the main area of Reykjavik. The city itself is quite small and you can walk around it in around 1 hour.



  1. Visit the Hallgrímskirkja Church – The church is in the city centre and is one of the Iceland’s main landmarks. The building is BEAUTIFUL and you can pay to go up to the top which has amazing views over Reykjavik, the BEST place to get a photo.
  2. Walk down to the Reykjavik Opera House. In the evening it flashes an array of rainbow colours across the front of the building, it’s fun to look around and the flea market (only open on weekends) is quite close by. In there you’ll find food stalls, vintage clothes, antiques, books etc. Great for a rummage!
  3. Go to THE BLUE LAGOON! My favourite part of our trip was our visit Add to dictionary book in advance as it gets booked up quickly. It’s one of the 25 wonders of the world. The day we went the temperature was  about 0 degrees so it was FREEEEZING outside but the lagoon itself it’s around 40 degrees and was absolute HEAVEN. It’s known to be great for your skin and you are also given a silica mud mask which made my skin GLOW. There’s also a swim up bar where they offer everything from prosecco to green smoothies!


If I had more time and money I would have loved to do The Golden Circle Tour, Whale Watching and see the Northern Lights so definitely check out these trips too.




Probably slightly obvious but the weather can change in seconds in Iceland so definitely invest in a really warm coat and a comfortable pair of boots as there will be a lot of walking involved. Alongside thermals, hats, gloves, big socks etc. I loved going somewhere where I had to wear warm clothes and stay cosy.



  1. BRAUD & CO – The most UNBELIEVABLE cinnamon buns you will ever eat in your life. Braud & Co has the best selection of pastries for breakfast but the cinnamon buns are incredible so if you go to Reykjavik make sure you go here!
  2. SVARTA KAFFID – They basically just serve soup and beer which is perfect! The soup is served in bread, we had a masala style meat soup which was SO tasty. A really cute and cosy restaurant.
  3. SJAVARGRILLIO SEAFOOD GRILL – This particular restaurant was recommended by a friend of mine and it didn’t dissapoint. We went for the 10 course tasting menu as there was too much to choose from on the menu so this way we got to try a bit of everything! It consisted of different meats, fish, vegetables, desserts etc. and was some of the best food I have ever TASTED.


For anyone who is vegan/vegetarian I heard that the restaurant GLO was really good too. If you’re thinking of booking a city break I would definitely recommend Reykjavik! We flew with WOW Airline too who were pretty cheap. So if you have any questions about my trip don’t hesitate to get in touch!








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