TWENTY SIXTEEN you have been GOOD. I have achieved pretty much all of my goals that I set myself this time last year…not new years resolutions, GOALS. Things to work towards throughout the year which are fun, achievable and keep me focused. I have visited three new places – BALI, AMSTERDAM & ICELAND. I have finally at the age of 25 managed to make exercise part of my every day lifestyle, enjoy it + actually look forward to working out. I set up my own blog, YAY. After religiously reading blogs for years and years and never having the confidence to do it, I finally did it.

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I spent today in what is the most AMAZING (and instagrammable) salon I have ever been to…SAMANTHA CUSICK. If you haven’t heard of them, follow them on Instagram @samathacusick IMMEDIATELY. I’ve been stalking them for so long and finally couldn’t bear my black roots any longer and booked an appointment.


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HYGGE. The word is everywhere at the moment but what does it actually mean? Aaaaaaand more importantly how do you pronounce it!? It’s pronounced (hue-gah) although I think (hy-gee) sounds way more fun so I’m going to stick with that. Hygge is a Danish word that is essentially a feeling that involves making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful and beautiful. It’s about being present and acknowledging all those little things that make us feel happy and content.

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