TWENTY SIXTEEN you have been GOOD. I have achieved pretty much all of my goals that I set myself this time last year…not new years resolutions, GOALS. Things to work towards throughout the year which are fun, achievable and keep me focused. I have visited three new places – BALI, AMSTERDAM & ICELAND. I have finally at the age of 25 managed to make exercise part of my every day lifestyle, enjoy it + actually look forward to working out. I set up my own blog, YAY. After religiously reading blogs for years and years and never having the confidence to do it, I finally did it.


  • Hen Do’s
  • Moving in with my boyfriend (challenging but the BEST)
  • Meeting new people – this was also another goal which I have definitely achieved and have made some amazing new friends who I cannot wait to see more of next year!
  • Laughs with my FRA GIRLS. We may not see each other as we would like but when we do it’s non-stop reminiscing and laughter
  • Weddings – Summer + Winter.
  • Finding out three of my best friends are pregnant and who now all have gorgeous babies…BLESSED. 
  • Baby Showers
  • BBQ’s + House Parties
  • Spending two weeks in BALI.
  • Feeling proud of my sister who has grown her Bridal Accessory business (Blossom & Bluebird) at a rapid rate. #GIRLBOSS
  • My Trebor Treasure (the crankiest g’dad and my bestie)
  • Turning 25 and having my dream TROPICAL birthday party.
  • Celebrating my amazing mama’s 50th birthday.
  • A spontaneous trip Amsterdam
  • Another pregnancy announcement from another one of my best friends yipeee SPRING BABY.
  • Iceland!
  • ENGAGEMENTS. Two of my best friends got engaged and…they both asked me to be a bridesmaid! How lucky am I!?
  • Putting up my first christmas tree and covering it in non christmassy/ridiculous (not my choice of words) decorations such as flamingos, popcorn, burgers, cactuses, pineapples, robots and toy guns. The DREAM tree, trust me.
  • Regina George opening her first salon – The Beauty Bar – Wadhurst . I can’t wait to share more with you all! SO SO SO proud.

My highlight has to be my BEST BEST BEST friend Kelly getting engaged and her asking me to be a bridesmaid. Excited is an understatement and it was the perfect end to the year..

I wish you all a wonderful NYE. Make memories, laugh, have fun, drink, eat, take silly pictures + stay safe! ⭐️




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