I have teamed up with ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND to review some of their skincare products. I wanted to get a real feel for the products so my skin has time to adapt and I have been trialling them for the past 4/5 weeks.



ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is a natural cosmetics brand who were established in 1959 and all their products are developed and produce in the BLACK FOREST in Germany. How magical does that sound!?

The products are –

  • Free from animal extracts
  • Made with Black Forest Spring Water
  • Free of mineral oil derivatives
  • Made with plant extracts from certified organic farming

They have a range of different products however I am just going to take you through the products I have been testing.


The range consists of Refreshing Cleansing Gel, Cooling Facial Gel, Vitalizing Day Cream, Regenerative Night Cream + Anti Puff Eye Serum. It’s ideal for skin that is in need of an extra boost of energy + moisture (which mine does).

Refreshing Cleansing Gel – £13.50 for 125ml – In the past I have found ‘cleansing gels’ to be quite drying but this one is really good. It’s not sticky and sinks into your skin in seconds and is used both day and night.


Cooling Facial Gel – £17.90 for 150ml – I LOVE this so much. I only used this is the evening as didn’t really need it in the mornings but it’s so refreshing and is a boost of energy for your face. I guess it almost works like a toner. I probably should use it in the mornings too as it would definitely wake me up!


Vitalizing Day Cream – £19.90 for 50ml – I’ve never been someone who religiously uses a day cream as I never have enough time to let it soak in before I put my make-up on. You only need a small amount as it’s quite thick and I would allow around 5 minutes for it to soak in properly but it literally makes your skin feel like SILK. The moisturiser makes a really lovely base for your foundation so I’m definitely going to keep using it.


Regenerative Night Cream – £22.50 for 50ml – Night cream is something I never skip so was really excited to try this. It’s SO LUXURIOUS and you can tell after putting it on that you are going to wake up with glowing skin…and that I did. It’s a real treat for the skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Anti-Puff Eye Serum – £19.50 for 7ml – Whoa, now this one was most definitely needed. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt a bit young for eye serum but I’m most definitely not and this one’s in for the long haul. This product feels like putting ice cold cucumbers on your eyes and made me feel so ENERGIZED. The one thing that really stood out for me with this product is the dispenser, it has a pump on the side of the bottle which enables you to basically put the product straight underneath the eye area without getting anything on your hands. All you have to do is hold the serum underneath your eye, give it one squeeze and then roll the product around the desired area (the canister itself also feels cold which is so so refreshing).




2 In 1 Black Mask – £29.90 for 75ml – Aaah the black mask. Quite possibly my favourite product out of EVERYTHING. I used the mask once a week (twice if I felt I needed it), generally on a Wednesday or a Sunday. You use it on cleansed skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes…my boyfriend got quite a fright when he saw me with a charcoal face. The mask has a grainy texture which is great as it doubles up as an exfoliator. It didn’t irritate my skin and once I had washed it off my skin was G L O W I N G. Hello new layer of skin.



Hydro Booster – £29.95 for 15ml – The range of BEAUTY SHOTS are made with active ingredients and the user is advised that the product should last around 30 applications/one month usage. The idea of the shots is for the user to get visible results after only a short period of use. It did what it said. It moisturised, plumped and refreshed my skin. It was like a drink for my skin, the feeling you get after drinking a green smoothie! YES PLEASE.


I can honestly say I have loved all the products that I have used from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND and would recommend anyone looking to try a new skincare regime to give it a go. The main thing I have noticed in my skin is that it’s been overall a lot calmer across all areas (even my problem area chin). It’s the best feeling as it’s something I have always struggled with. My skin glows, it’s silky soft and I literally feel a million times more confident without make-up. You can buy the products here.

The lovely team at ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND would like to offer all my readers a 10% discount on their first order with the brand! YAY! All you need to do is enter LOCOFORTHECOCO at the checkout. January is a tough month to get through so why not treat yourself a new skincare regime or perhaps one of their fabulous face masks!?


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2 thoughts on “ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND.

  1. Tigerlily's Tales says:

    Oh it sounds fab! I love hearing about and using natural and safe skincare. I’ll add this to my list to try. It’s great to know where it has come from too. Thanks for sharing your review.

    Also, have you noticed we both use Sela! It’s such a pretty theme and obviously suits different styles of blogging. I had to look at yours the other day when I was getting some help with WordPress techs to fix the layout of my blog excerpts. It was handy knowing someone with the same theme! Xx


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