NEOM ORGANICS is one of my all time favourite brands and I was recently invited by Nicola Elliott Moss (NEOM Founder and GIRLBOSS) to come along to their treatment rooms to experience one of their wellbeing treatments. I went along last Saturday to the store in Wimbledon and the whole experience was wonderful from the moment I walked through the door.


The girls at NEOM were so accommodating and took me into a relaxation room to wind down prior to my treatment.


There are FOUR different wellbeing treatments. You have to do a ‘scent test’ before your therapist decides what treatment you will be having. They do this by seeing what particular scent you are most drawn to and it turned out I needed the SLEEP treatment…


You can opt for either a 60 or 90 minute treatment (I had 60).

The treatment begins with a guided meditation which includes breathing techniques, whilst this is happening Emma (my therapist) also did reflexology during the meditation which was SO needed! Oh and you are wrapped up in white fluffy towels on a heated bed, HELLO HEAVEN. For the actual treatment they use techniques of SHIATSU (a form of Japanese body work), CRANIO therapy, THAI MASSAGE + TRIGGER POINT WORK. Alongside drizzling their NEOM Intensive Skin Treatment Candle all over my skin..I mean, no words. A state of UTTER BLISS. The candle contains oils including English Lavender, Sweet Basil + Jasmine.


It was quite different to other treatments I have had in the past in the sense that it’s quite spiritual, that really came across in the treatment. Whether it’s meant to or not, I don’t know!? I really liked this aspect of it though.

If you are looking to treat a friend, family member, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife this would make such a lovely gift! If your budget is slightly smaller then definitely check out the NEOM ORGANICS range. They offer candles, body scrubs, pillow mists, face/hair/body oils, hand wash etc.


The brand was set up by Nicola Elliott Moss in 2005. Nicola previously worked as an Editor for Glamour Magazine, working 60 hour weeks until she finally started putting her health + wellbeing before anything else. She trained as an Aromatherapist and Nutritionist and the rest was history! We are under more pressure than ever with work, social lives etc. and this brand really adds a little something to your day. Whether it be using the Wild Mint & Mandarin Body Scrub to invigorate you first thing in the morning or using the Pillow Mist every evening to help you drift off, there is something for everyone.


Thanks SO SO much to Nicola and the team at NEOM for looking after me. I came out feeling like I was walking on a cloud…









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