When people asked me how my retreat was, my answer was…”it was literally the best thing I have EVER done” and I mean that. A few weeks ago I took myself off to the beautiful island of IBIZA to attend a Pilates retreat for 5 days which was hosted by Lottie Murphy + Kimberly Parsons. Lottie is a Pilates Teacher and Kim is a Chef + Naturopath. I went alone (there were 10 guests in total) plus Mama Murphy, Chloe (who was there to offer Reflexology, Indian Head Massages and taught us a dance class) and Natalie (Chief Hiker & Photographer).

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HELLO! I actually have writers block (definitely felt like Carrie Bradshaw when I wrote that). 2017 got off to a really good start in terms of blogging and has slowly died down, I need to get back into the swing of things but sometimes it can be SUCH a struggle. There’s so many posts and ideas I have but I can’t get to the stage of actually getting the content together. I didn’t want you all to think I’ve done a disappearing act so I thought I’d do a bit of a ‘life update’ post!

I’ve had a couple of big changes in my life the past two months. I started a new job (which doesn’t really feel like a ‘new’ job as I worked there for 4 years previously). I have left The Fashion Retail Academy and have re-joined all my girls at Henry Fox Recruitment (a fashion recruitment agency). It’s really lovely to be back there and feels like I’ve never been away, I feel much happier overall and like a dark cloud has been lifted. You don’t realise it until you change jobs but when you are unhappy at work, it can really consume your whole overall mood. If you are dreading going to work tomorrow (because you hate your job), make a change NOW. Life is way too short.


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