I have some news. I’m having a BABY! I still can’t quite believe it myself. I wake up each morning and think, shit I’m actually pregnant. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to announce it to the world and I feel like today is the day! I’m also starting to show a teeny bit so can’t really hide it for much longer…


Here’s my first five (and honest) thoughts I had when I found out –

  1. OMG I’m the fourth bridesmaid to announce I am pregnant. My poor friend Alex has had not 1, 2 or 3 of her bridesmaids announce that they are expecting but 4! I always thought things came in threes, clearly I was wrong.
  2. Brilliant! I’ve just bought two amazing MARA HOFFMAN bikinis which I will probably NEVER EVER be able to wear again. Good news, I tried on all my holiday swimwear yesterday and it ALL still fits. Yipeeeeeee.
  3. I don’t want to get fat. Can I still do pilates? I love pilates. It turns out yes I can, phew.
  4. This year was going to be SO fun and now I have two hen dos (one in Palma + one in Ibiza) and am bridesmaid for two of my best friends so two weddings without drinking and waddling around in the heat.
  5. Oooo but I can buy those fringe baby moccasins I always see on Instagram…and the rainbow crochet baby blanket I saw a baby with in Ibiza.

After copious amounts of tears over every upcoming event I have for the next nine months, I came round to the idea and realised I am incredibly blessed to be pregnant and that everything happens for a reason.

The first twelve weeks (as they are for most people) have been pretty hideous. I haven’t actually been sick but have felt nauseous 24/7 especially in the evenings and the exhaustion is like jet lag times 100. I also developed an obsession with beef and horseradish sandwiches. Oh and my boobs have pretty much doubled in size, I used to long for big boobs and now I am longing that they don’t get any bigger. Oh and I’m getting a hairy belly, it just gets better and better!

I’m now fourteen weeks and my baby is the size of a peach (yes I’m that wankie person and I don’t even care). I literally feel like a new person now that my sickness has eased and I have all my energy back, YAY! I’m back into exercising too and I feel really good.

BABY MASSINI is due early December. CHRISTMAS PUDDING in the making!

I’ll be posting about my pregnancy on the blog along with how I figure out pregnancy style and everything else in between!




WILDFOX has been one of my favourite brands ever since my sister introduced me to them probably back in 2009? It was around the time I was obsessed with Paris Hilton + Nicole Richie…anyone remember me in those days!? My sister had this low racerback baggy WILDFOX vest with a neon rainbow coloured crest and it was literally the coolest item of clothing I could have ever been given. The obsession started there…


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