I’M BACK! HELLO everyone, the baby is asleep so I have whipped open the laptop to finally share with you my birth story. When I was pregnant I really enjoyed reading other peoples birth stories (the good, the bad and the ugly). I wanted a realistic understanding of what could or couldn’t happen, what might go wrong etc. and to just be prepared that my ‘PLAN‘ of a completely natural birth could go completely out the window.

Did that happen? Oh yes of course it did!

Prior to giving birth, I had completed a six week hypnobirthing class which involved learning breathing techniques, pregnancy yoga, what to expect and different types of births. I knew early on that I was keen to keep it as natural as possible, drug free, no interventions (blah, blah, blah). I’d packed my aromatherapy oils, mama massage oil, lavender pillow spray, eye mask and fairy lights into my hospital bag in the hope I could create a tranquil, calm environment whilst I gave birth to my baby. HA!

I woke up at 1am on Thursday 7th December with what I was guessing was my first sign of contractions as they would start, fade away and come back five minutes later. I’d also had some bleeding so it was a sure ‘SHOW‘ (see what I did there?) that things were on the move. I woke up Nathan to tell him I was in labour but told him that it was manageable and to just go back to sleep. I went upstairs to watch some TV and weirdly chose to put on ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE, you know just to psych myself up for what was to come. I managed for 4 hours just breathing through them, ran myself a bath (this really helped ease the pain), put on some mac strobe cream, did my brows, fluffed the hair and had some breakfast. I wanted to look a bit ‘put together’ seeing as I had some time to do it.

By 5am they were getting much stronger and I was unable to sit down so would walk up and down the living room breathing through them or bounce on the birthing ball to just get me through the pain of each one, they were around 3-4 minutes apart now lasting 30-40 seconds. By 8.30am my wing women had arrived in the form of my mama and my sister in law. I had another bath but this time round definitely didn’t ease the pain as much previously and they were coming much stronger. All I wanted to do was either be on the bathroom floor where it was cold or sit on the toilet, I was like a big fat slug wrapped in a towel whimpering on the floor.

We’d decided it was time to head to the hospital, at the last minute I decided I wanted to go to Pembury after all morning being in touch with the birthing centre and having it in my head that I wanted to go there. I’d got on a ginormous nightie and was adamant I wanted to wear my sequin trainers to the hospital, I had one on, tried to get the other one on mid contraction then had to scream at my mum to get it off me. On went my 5 year old air maxes and a big puffa jacket and off we went. STYLE at its best, let me tell you.

The car journey was absolute HELL. The road was closed, we got stuck behind every bloody bin lorry or slow vehicle and I don’t know what it was about being in the car but I swear it made the contractions ten times worse. I was hanging out the car window like a dog with it’s tongue hanging out and grunting like some feral child. Once we’d got to hospital I was examined and was only 4cm dilated and all seemed ok until the midwife checked the baby’s heartbeat for a second time and you just saw the fear in her eyes. She asked Nathan to hold the monitor on me and calmly said that she was going to call the emergency alarm and within seconds about 15 midwives had surrounded my bed.

They told me that the heartbeat had dropped and that they were going to have to take me to theatre to do an emergency c section but that I had to go alone and they’d let Nathan know if he would be able to come in with me. Within those few minutes I had gone to 6cm but was wheeled away to the operating room and had all these faces looking down at me asking a million questions, trying to answer whilst still trying to breathe through the contractions. Once we got into theatre, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have anyone with me and they had to get me under general anaesthetic asap. Two minutes later I was out. A c section would have been my absolute last resort and I was so adamant I didn’t want one but as soon as you know your baby is in danger you just don’t care.

I woke up 2 hours later feeling like I had been at a three day rave. My stomach absolutely killed, I had the worlds dryest throat and all I wanted to do was cough but couldn’t for fear of my stomach bursting open. They told me I had a baby and that it weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces (I was sort of glad for the c section after hearing that). I was wheeled back up to a room where Nathan was waiting for me with a baby wrapped up like a little parcel. I was so out of it but he put the baby down to me and asked what I thought I had, I said a girl and all I could say was how hairy the baby was. I had actually given birth to a beautiful BABY BOY!

He was so perfect, so alert and had a full head of hair. The thing about heartburn and hairy babies definitely isn’t true, I had no heartburn. After about 15 minutes, the midwife put him on my chest and I managed to breastfeed straight away which was just the BEST feeling ever. The baby had been with everyone else for two hours before I came round so I had felt like I’d really missed out on that first moment when they are passed onto you and you set eyes on your baby for the first time. It was very different to what I had imagined it to be like however it just shows you can plan and prepare for the birth you want but when baby wants out, they are coming out whatever way that may be. All that matters is that they get here safely.

Welcome to the WORLD, Enzio Alberto Massini.




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