THE DAY OF THE MAMA is nearly upon us and I am extra excited this year as it’s my first mothers day, YAY! I don’t think Nathan has anything planned but obvs hoping he wakes me up with a paperchase card + a hamper of mama related gifts (a girl can dream).

I wanted to collate a post of some really fabulous gifts that I have come across recently for those who are struggling with inspiration this year!

MAMAME BOX – You will be seeing a lot more of the MamaME Box as I have recently been chosen to be a brand rep and trial three of their boxes! I’m so excited to share with you all but for now check them out online, it’s such a lovely idea and a great way to make someone feel good.


CULT OF YOUTH MAMA NECKLACE – I first saw this necklace on the beauty that is Maya from Just Another Mum Blogger and have added it to my wishlist! It also comes in gold.


YESMUM CARDS BY HOLLIE DE CRUZ – I met Hollie at an event recently and couldn’t believe I hadn’t ordered myself a set of her cards sooner. As someone who practices positive affirmations daily, I absolutely love them and they keep me feeling positive through the daily stresses of being a mum!


MERINGUE GIRLS PASTEL AMERETTI MOTHER’S DAY BISCUITS – I own both Meringue Girls books so am a huge fan already. How cute are these pastel amaretti biscuits?! A perfect present for the sweet toothed mama.


MOTHER LIKE NO OTHER JUMPER – I see a lot of mama’s wearing these jumpers on Insagram and absolutely love them! Another recent addition to my wishlist.


HOW TO BE A HIP MAMA WITHOUT LOSING YOUR COOL – I’ve mentioned this book in my last post and will mention it again! For the world’s coolest mums. Jenny creator of Mother’s Meetings is a MEGA BABE and super inspirational.


MOTHERHOOD MUG BY ROCK ON RUBY  I discovered this brand through the lovely Hannah Gale (check out her blog, she is another SUPER HOT MAMA). Rock On Ruby has the most AMAZING range of mugs, t-shirts, jumpers, pj’s etc. ALL Mother’s Day inspired. I NEED IT ALL! I have actually ordered this mug for myself as my obsession with anything red + pink at the moment is outtttta control.


MOTHER LIKE NO ONES JUDGING PIN – MUTHA HOOD. OBSESSED with these pins from Mutha Hood. A really cute way to accessorise a jacket or even your changing bag!? I’m going to be ordering some soon to wear with my oversized denim jacket once the weather warms up!


LUSH MOTHER’S DAY BATH BOMBS – As if I was going to do a Mother’s Day Gift Guide without featuring my fave things ever…BATH BOMBS! If you follow me on instagram you’ll know I love a bath bomb boomerang weekly. I LOVE the Mother’s Day range and can’t wait to get my hands on it!


A BOOK OF CALM FOR BUSY MUMS – OLIVER BONAS. Oliver Bonas is one of my favourite stores and the products you can buy are ENDLESS. Any mama that loves candles, trinkets, books, stationery etc. will love the brand. I came across this book which looks like a FAB present!


I hope all you MAMA’S have a wonderful day, get spoilt rotten, feel appreciated and have fun with your loved ones!



One thought on “MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE.

  1. Wendy Miranda - Customer Ambassador says:

    Great blog Chloe! High street really struggling, have you thought of persuading Top Shop or River Island to book you for stylist days, if successful you could roll it out. Great option for some mama and baby shops too xx

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