I decided to take some time out. Only three days but it was needed and it helped…I mean really helped. I’d been stuck in the house pretty much all week due to the snow (which was fine, I was quite pleased not to have to leave the house) but I found myself constantly aimlessly scrolling on Instagram and I was beginning to compare myself to others.

I use Instagram as a platform to source inspiration across fashion, travel, exercise, food etc. and I LOVE it. I use my phone way too much and I’m the first to admit that however I felt it was starting to have a negative impact on me. Since being on maternity leave, I have a lot more scrolling time which is unhealthy and can become so addictive.

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I was really struggling with content to post on my page and also couldn’t come up with any good ideas for blog posts. I have been blogging for almost two years now and I still really, really enjoy it but sometimes I can veer towards thinking about more what I feel I SHOULD be writing about, rather than what I WANT to write about. You can get caught up in constantly checking how many followers you have, what new comments and messages you have and at the end of the day who cares if you are doing what you love!?

I didn’t do this to gain thousands of followers, I did this to share what I LOVE and what I THINK people want to read. I had got too wrapped up in what everyone else was doing and it’s not fun. So this is when I decided to take a few days off (just Friday-Sunday) and deleted the app off my phone.


The first morning I woke up, what did I do? Reached for my phone and instantly went to check Instagram. It was the weirdest thing not to check Instagram, how bad is that!? I ended up having a really lovely morning and quite quickly stopped having the urge to constantly check my phone. By 3pm, I had written almost 3 blog posts, had a million post ideas, felt completely inspired, buzzing with ideas, making notes and I was beyond giddy about all the content I had planned.

This was all in a day of just not having Instagram and it felt SO GOOD. On Saturday morning, I fed Enzio in bed at 5am then couldn’t sleep so came upstairs and started writing this. I’m definitely going to make having a digital detox a regular thing as it has benefited me WAY more than I thought it would and I would recommend it to anyone else that feels scarily attached to their phone.

You will feel so much better for it! I’m looking forward to getting lots done this weekend and spending quality time with my boys and not being distracted by my phone.

I’ve also managed to finish a book I have been reading for ages, start a new one, listen to loads of podcasts and just clear my mind. When you are constantly filling your mind and time with social media there is no room for anything else. It’s no wonder I was lacking in creativity.

If you’ve done a digital detox I would love to hear your thoughts about how you found it!




  1. linneaurea says:

    I think you’re onto something! Perhaps something to try out! I bet a lot of us internet-junkies could benefit from it. πŸ˜‚ Your experience of this detox was inspiring ✨


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