I recently visited the COWSHED spa in Selfridges and it was quite possibly one of my favourite weekends of my whole pregnancy. It was super important for me to have some wind down time after such a busy year of being pregnant, going on hen dos, weddings, moving house etc and I had heard really good things about the mum to be package at Cowshed so thought I’d book myself in for a full afternoon of pampering!


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Can we do it all over again!? I absolutely LOVED my baby shower. If you know me, you’ll know I love any excuse for a themed party or get together so I was all over the baby shower idea from early on. It was organised by my best friend, my mum and one of my sisters and they threw me the BEST baby shower I could have ever asked for. Loads of other friends and family members also helped whether it be with food, decorations, games etc so thank you much everyone.

It was just the best having all of my girls together under one roof before the baby arrives.


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Aaa my last holiday of freedom…

It was confirmed quite early that I wanted to go on a ‘BABYMOON‘ as I felt it was really important to first of all spend time just the two of us and also to try and get some rest. You are probably all thinking I have been away LOADS this year (which I have…but they were hen dos) not the most relaxing when your pregnant. I really wanted to go back to IBIZA again, it’s the third time I have been since being pregnant however I wanted to explore a different side of the island this time round…


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I am now well into the second trimester + am SIX months pregnant. I can’t believe how quick it’s going!? BUMP + I have been on a couple of trips since my announcement and spent a week in PALMA + a long weekend in IBIZA. Both of these trips were planned pre-pregnancy and were for two of my best friends hen do’s – definitely didn’t go as WILD as I would have liked but I’m sure there is plenty of time to make up for it!

Around 14 weeks my sickness completely went away + I felt (almost) normal again. Everyone said it would eventually go and I was so glad when it did. I started to feel like me again, had SO much more energy + really started to embrace my pregnancy. I’m really lucky in the fact that my weight doesn’t fluctuate too much and so far, it’s seemed to stay that way since I’ve been pregnant so I haven’t felt I have to adapt my style too much. I’m still eating my usual healthy balanced diet but if I really fancy something I’ve still been having it. BABY wants TWO SLABS of CAKE, BABY gets two slabs of cake.

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite BUMP looks so far in my pregnancy and to prove you can still be YOU when you are pregnant and feel good in yourself. I’ve pretty much just been buying things one size up + maternity clothes in my normal size.

I know everyone’s pregnancies are completely different but I have found all the below has kept me on track + made it an enjoyable experience so far…

EAT WELL. You will glow from the inside out.

GET MOVING. You will feel so much better for it, whether it’s ten minutes of pilates, a walk after dinner or a yoga class. You won’t regret it.

PAMPER YOURSELF. I have felt a million times better since keeping on top of my hair, nails, tan etc. Us baby mamas still want to look good!

REST WHEN NEEDED. I’ve had weekends when I’ve had SO much to do but all I’ve wanted to do is…NETFLIX + CHILL. Listen to your body.

PLAN. Make a list of some fun things to do before the baby arrives, whether that be with your girls or baby daddy.

I’ve got lots coming up over the next few months but one thing that was really important to me was to have one last holiday with Nath before the baby so we are off to IBIZA in SEPTEMBER. Eeee, this will be mine + bumps third trip to the white isle this year.

We are also moving house this weekend and I am BEYOND EXCITED for a fresh start and to start NESTING. I’ll be writing another post soon about all my favourite baby buys so far…

I have also booked a six week hypnobirthing/pregnancy yoga course which starts next month so I’m looking forward to seeing what that will entail!


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I have some news. I’m having a BABY! I still can’t quite believe it myself. I wake up each morning and think, shit I’m actually pregnant. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to announce it to the world and I feel like today is the day! I’m also starting to show a teeny bit so can’t really hide it for much longer…


Here’s my first five (and honest) thoughts I had when I found out –

  1. OMG I’m the fourth bridesmaid to announce I am pregnant. My poor friend Alex has had not 1, 2 or 3 of her bridesmaids announce that they are expecting but 4! I always thought things came in threes, clearly I was wrong.
  2. Brilliant! I’ve just bought two amazing MARA HOFFMAN bikinis which I will probably NEVER EVER be able to wear again. Good news, I tried on all my holiday swimwear yesterday and it ALL still fits. Yipeeeeeee.
  3. I don’t want to get fat. Can I still do pilates? I love pilates. It turns out yes I can, phew.
  4. This year was going to be SO fun and now I have two hen dos (one in Palma + one in Ibiza) and am bridesmaid for two of my best friends so two weddings without drinking and waddling around in the heat.
  5. Oooo but I can buy those fringe baby moccasins I always see on Instagram…and the rainbow crochet baby blanket I saw a baby with in Ibiza.

After copious amounts of tears over every upcoming event I have for the next nine months, I came round to the idea and realised I am incredibly blessed to be pregnant and that everything happens for a reason.

The first twelve weeks (as they are for most people) have been pretty hideous. I haven’t actually been sick but have felt nauseous 24/7 especially in the evenings and the exhaustion is like jet lag times 100. I also developed an obsession with beef and horseradish sandwiches. Oh and my boobs have pretty much doubled in size, I used to long for big boobs and now I am longing that they don’t get any bigger. Oh and I’m getting a hairy belly, it just gets better and better!

I’m now fourteen weeks and my baby is the size of a peach (yes I’m that wankie person and I don’t even care). I literally feel like a new person now that my sickness has eased and I have all my energy back, YAY! I’m back into exercising too and I feel really good.

BABY MASSINI is due early December. CHRISTMAS PUDDING in the making!

I’ll be posting about my pregnancy on the blog along with how I figure out pregnancy style and everything else in between!



WILDFOX has been one of my favourite brands ever since my sister introduced me to them probably back in 2009? It was around the time I was obsessed with Paris Hilton + Nicole Richie…anyone remember me in those days!? My sister had this low racerback baggy WILDFOX vest with a neon rainbow coloured crest and it was literally the coolest item of clothing I could have ever been given. The obsession started there…


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When people asked me how my retreat was, my answer was…”it was literally the best thing I have EVER done” and I mean that. A few weeks ago I took myself off to the beautiful island of IBIZA to attend a Pilates retreat for 5 days which was hosted by Lottie Murphy + Kimberly Parsons. Lottie is a Pilates Teacher and Kim is a Chef + Naturopath. I went alone (there were 10 guests in total) plus Mama Murphy, Chloe (who was there to offer Reflexology, Indian Head Massages and taught us a dance class) and Natalie (Chief Hiker & Photographer).

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HELLO! I actually have writers block (definitely felt like Carrie Bradshaw when I wrote that). 2017 got off to a really good start in terms of blogging and has slowly died down, I need to get back into the swing of things but sometimes it can be SUCH a struggle. There’s so many posts and ideas I have but I can’t get to the stage of actually getting the content together. I didn’t want you all to think I’ve done a disappearing act so I thought I’d do a bit of a ‘life update’ post!

I’ve had a couple of big changes in my life the past two months. I started a new job (which doesn’t really feel like a ‘new’ job as I worked there for 4 years previously). I have left The Fashion Retail Academy and have re-joined all my girls at Henry Fox Recruitment (a fashion recruitment agency). It’s really lovely to be back there and feels like I’ve never been away, I feel much happier overall and like a dark cloud has been lifted. You don’t realise it until you change jobs but when you are unhappy at work, it can really consume your whole overall mood. If you are dreading going to work tomorrow (because you hate your job), make a change NOW. Life is way too short.


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I have not been able to contain my excitement about this post. Fashion will always be my one true love…ALWAYS. It’s an industry I always knew I was going to be a part of. Olivia and I studied together at The Fashion Retail Academy and I wanted to share with you all her latest venture. When we were at FRA I had such a GIRL CRUSH on Olivia. She had impeccable style and always pushed the boundaries with what she wore. A cross between Malibu Barbie, Cher from Clueless and Elle Woods, Liv was always one of the girls who knew what she wanted and wasn’t going to stop until she got there…


I have followed her journey from London to Dubai (and back to London) and now she’s here to give us the low down on OWNTHELOOK.COM.

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I spend quite a bit of time at THE BEAUTY BAR in Wadhurst. The salon is run by Emma Griffiths who has over 10 years experience in the industry and she opened the salon at the end of last year. #GIRLBOSS


They cover everything from facials, non surgical face lifts, microdermabrasion, eye-lash extensions, tanning, lash and brows, waxing, makeovers, semi-permanent make up, massages, manicures, pedicures + blowdrys. Oh and you can also have glitter hair too. FESTIVAL season I am ready for you and the beauty bar is where I’ll be headed. Not that I EVER need an excuse for glitter.

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