I visited Reykjavik, Iceland recently and wanted to write a blog post about what I got up to. Instagram has definitely played a huge part of me wanting to visit this city (mainly due to dreamy images of the blue lagoon). We were really unlucky with the weather as it was cloudy and pouring with rain the majority of the time which then lead to our trip to see the Northern Lights getting cancelled…TWICE. I knew this could be likely but it’s still rubbish all the same.


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I was surprised with a spontaneous road trip to AMSTERDAM this weekend + it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was in need of spending the weekend in a different city, exploring + spending quality time with my favourite person. We boarded my little Citroen C3 onto the ferry + drove all the way through France, Belgium + then finally The Netherlands. It actually didn’t take that long to drive (about 6 hours all in all). Continue reading


I knew I’d need more than one post…

POTATO HEAD BEACH CLUB. – Our little bit of LUXURY! This particular beach club had been recommended by so many people so it had to be done. *We had to arrive at 9am to secure our bed as they literally go in the first 10 minutes so make sure you get there bright and early! You get a beach cabana for the whole day and waiter service to your bed, there’s a swim up bar that looks over the sea, house music playing all day, yummy food and a great ATMOSPHERE. I’d recommend staying until sunset as the view is STUNNING from Potato Head.

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I have been SO beyond rubbish at keeping up to date with my blog posts recently but have wanted to share with you all my incredible trip to Bali! I went for two weeks so am probably going to have to split this into two (maybe three haha) posts…


We spent our two weeks in the Seminyak area and stayed at the Centra Taum Hotel which was about a 15 minute walk from the centre. I love the anticipation when you go on holiday and the excitement of exploring somewhere new! I’d researched loads to do, places to eat and see before we went so wanted to get to know my way round Seminyak as quickly as possible.

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